Then called “Istituto storico Resistenza in Cuneo e Provincia”, the Institute was founded by a group of former partisans whose goal was the preservation of the memory, accomplishing a request commonly widespread in the society. Those same partisans were part of the “Giustizia e Libertà” militias and had re-founded the journal “La sentinella delle Alpi”, explicitly intent on making a connection with the historical newspaper of the Risorgimento.

Members of that group were Nuto Revelli, Faustino Dalmazzo, Detto Dalmastro, the civic library of Cuneo Pietro Camilla, Luigi Monti, Manlio Vineis, and Eugenio Meinardi. Since the very beginning, some former partisans of the autonomous militias “Rinnovamento” joint the group – among the others, there were Dino Giacosa, Mario Donadei and Professor Giovenale Giaccardi.

Nowadays, the Institute has a new name, naming “Istituto storico della Resistenza e della Società Contemporanea in Cuneo e Provincia D.L.Bianco”, and still aims to collect and preserve the memory of that precious past. Along with those goals, it became a research institution for contemporary history.